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Actionable Insights for the Electronics Value Chain

Download Supplyframe's latest whitepaper to learn more about Design-to-Source Intelligence. The onset of a global pandemic has accelerated a shift in the global electronics value chain. Disruption, delays, shortages, and market volatility have skyrocketed, highlighting numerous vulnerabilities and shortcomings in the complex electronics manufacturing industry. 

From new product development through ramp to volume across the product lifecycle, greater intelligence and market insights are needed in the next normal to drive competitive advantage and profitability.

Design-to-Source intelligence represents a new paradigm for driving resiliency and agility across the electronics value chain. In this whitepaper we discuss:

  • A trillion dollar problem in modern supply chains
  • The need for new channels of digital engagement
  • Why collapsing silos and surfacing insights is a matter of survival
  • The imperative to utilize Design-to-Source Intelligence

The "next normal" requires a digital transformation across the design, sourcing, and manufacturing ecosystem. Download the full whitepaper to learn more.

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