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Lessons in Innovation: Digital Transformation During COVID-19


Join us for a new series of hosted conversations with industry leaders. Our first panel discussed the industry’s reaction to COVID-19, and what we can learn from our experiences thus far in 2020 in regards to procurement and supply chain transformation programs.

Driving Industry Innovation  |  Reinventing The Electronics Value Chain  |  Unique Perspectives From Industry Leaders


Supplyframe presents a new series of virtual roundtables, panel discussions, and timely insights from electronics industry leaders. Enjoy neutral and pitch-free sessions in a format that leverages advanced video production and streaming techniques to create an engaging experience. Obtain a deeper understanding of the Design-to-Source intelligence lifecycle, and how to align demand with supply while establishing new levels of resiliency for current and future challenges. Fuel innovation, foster collaboration, and gain deeper insights into the future of the industry.


Richard Barnett, Chief Marketing Officer, Supplyframe

Richard Barnett is the Chief Marketing Officer at Supplyframe. Prior to joining Supplyframe, he held a variety of senior leadership roles at supply chain and procurement solution providers such as LevaData, GT Nexus, E2open, Microsoft, and i2 Technologies.

Sanjay Baliga-circle

Sanjay Baliga, Co-Founder, Vichara Partners

Sanjay Baliga is a Co-Founder and Senior Partner at Vichara Partners, a global advisory group. Baliga holds several degrees from Stanford University, the University of Michigan, and Yale University in a variety of academic fields.

Bindiya Vakil-circle

Bindiya Vakil, CEO & Founder, Resilinc

Bindiya Vakil, CEO of Resilinc, is a founding member of the Global Supply Chain Resiliency Council, and holds a master’s degree in supply chain management from MIT and an MBA in Finance.


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Lessons in Innovation:
Digital Tranformation
During COVID-19




Innovation Imperative:
Resiliency at the Point of Design


Modern Sourcing:
Procurement Digitalization and Advance Analytics

Electronic Value Chain
Market Dynamics


Demand Sensing for the Electronics Industry


Digital Transformation Leadership: Women in Supply Chain


Discussions are held in a professional streaming environment that leverages broadcast capabilities to deliver an engaging discussion for panelists and viewers alike.